Sick-bed reflections…

Kenneth Denham (1921-2010) was a dear friend and deacon to me (a young pastor) at my former church in Rockland, MA. In my pastor’s study hangs a beautiful, hand-painted picture of that church, done by Ken (but left unsigned!), and given to me when I was called to pastor here in New York.

Ken died several days ago, and entered the presence of our glorious Lord Jesus Christ. He was predeceased by his dear wife, Christine.

Ken’s grandmother, paralyzed and bed-ridden for the final two years of her life, dictated a poem to her daughter in law. Ken recited her poem many times in the last few months of his life. Here is the poem….


As I lay here upon my bed
And think upon my Lord
My heart goes out to him in praise
For his own Holy Word.
He leads me all along the way
With such a tender hand
How could I murmur or complain
At what my Lord commands?
Should He see fit to set aside
The things that I desire
I know they’re not the things I need
To draw my soul up higher.
Instead of them He’ll give to me
Something that is far better
He’ll fill my soul with perfect peace
And I’ll live with Him forever.

— Sarah Elizabeth Lane Denham

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