Friday Fun: A town called “Bissett”

Although the Bissett’s are Scots by heritage, apparently this beautiful little place in England is distinguished from other towns named “Prestons” by the suffix, Bissett, for the Lords of the Manor there. (See the brief Wikipedia article here).

I’m honored.
— pdb

PS: I discovered this ‘accidentally’ while checking the background of a major author and professor of the history of the church at Oxford, Diarmaid MacCulloch. His newest book, A History of Christianity: the first three thousand years, has just hit the American market. He mentioned Preston Bissett on the first page of his book on the Reformation, which I have not (yet) read.
— pdb

3 thoughts on “Friday Fun: A town called “Bissett”

  1. I don’t know, shouldn’t they bury people farther away from the sidewalks?

    Seems a little eerie to me…

    But hey, I’m sure it’s a wonderful town otherwise.


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