Our thoughts follow our affections

If you delight in something, you give yourself to it with greater joy, and greater duration. When you don’t, it becomes a drudgery to deal with it.

Puritan pastor Thomas Manton reflects on Psalm 1:2 (below), and the connection between delighting in the Word of God, and where that will lead…!

Mark first, that the Word was his delight, and then his meditation. Delight causeth meditation, and meditation increaseth delight: BUT HIS DELIGHT IS IN THE LAW OF THE LORD, AND IN HIS LAW DOTH HE MEDITATE DAY AND NIGHT (Psalm 1:2). A man that delights in the law of God, will exercise his mind therein. Our thoughts follow our affections. It is tedious and irksome to the flesh to meditate, but delight will carry us out. The smallest actions when we have no delight in them, seem tedious and burdensome. … The difficulty we find in holy duties lieth not in the duties themselves, but in the awkwardness of our affections. … He that finds a heart to this work, will find a head. Delight will set the mind a work, for we are apt to muse and pause upon that which is pleasing to us.
[sermons on Psalm 119, vol. 1, p. 126]

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