By Grace Alone

One of the best Christian authors alive today is Dr Sinclair Ferguson, theologian and pastor in Columbia, SC. His books are full of clear, biblical and warm insights into Christian belief and Christian living. They are immensely helpful, and among the most useful in my ministry with others.

Ferguson’s newest book, BY GRACE ALONE, (which I’ve just started reading) appears to also have these qualities. While there is a sweet simplicity to the organization and much of the content of this book, some paragraphs plumb new depths of insight that have caused me to pause and catch my breath! As chapter three (describing the passion of Christ) draws to a close, this section was one such:

The two charges leveled against Jesus were blasphemy (that He had made Himself equal with God) and treason (that He had rejected lawfully constituted authority).

Why were those two charges so significant? It was because these are the charges each of us faces before the judgment seat of God.

In that court, I am guilty of blasphemy, because I have made myself rather than God the center of the universe.

I am also guilty of treason, since I have sought to overturn His lawfully and graciously constituted authority over my life.

Blasphemy and treason were also the crimes of Adam. These are the age-old crimes of which every one of us — old and young, rich and poor, wise and simple, famous and infamous — stands accused. We are on the same charge sheet. We are all guilty.

But Jesus has come!
[page 44]

Amazing grace to such sinners. Amen.

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