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Replying to a comment in my recent “Great Libraries of the World” post, I jotted down a few good thoughts. Rather than leave them ‘buried’ there in the comments, I post those thoughts here….. [is this legal?!]

Hello Kyle,
Thanks for reading the blog! The foremost goal of any reading is not quantity but quality — and greater communion with the Lord and with truth. Yet I am convinced that most adults can do much better than the average of 1-2 books a year (rather sad I’d say). I believe in the old adage, “15 minutes a day of reading will tackle 15 books a year” (so shouldn’t an hour a day garner 60 books a year??) Take your own reading speed and do the math! I am a very slow reader, so my goal of 52 books is a challenge, but quite possible!

The best “method” is really twofold: (i) grab those times of opportunity to read, and, (ii) have several books going at once to enhance the variety factor. Lots of time each week can be found between work and supper (20 minutes a day is at least 2 hours a week). [or just before bed, or by skipping the morning TV news, etc]. I have over 30 books going at present, and enjoy going with “what I feel like reading” which increases both the number of reading sessions a week, and the speed of reading.

So, if you can find 15 to 30 minutes in each day, you should be able to add 15-30 books a year.

Let me know how it goes.

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