Most newsworthy of 2009?

Dr Al Mohler has his picks, and comments on each item here. In simple list form they are….

#1. The Inauguration of Barack Obama as President of the United States
#2. The Uprising in Iran
#3. The Travail of the Global Economy
#4. The Death of Michael Jackson and the Nation’s Addiction to Celebrity
#5. The Rise of Twitter and the Growing Domination of Social Media
#6. The Battle over Health Care Reform
#7. The Leftward March of Liberal Protestantism
#8. The Climate Summit in Copenhagen
#9. The Swine Flu Epidemic and the New International Hygiene
#10. The Spotlight on Private Scandals and Public Consequences

I was a bit surprised at his #7 and 8. I would substitute, say, the rise of aggressive atheism for #7, and the growing ground-swell of political unrest (tea parties, etc) for #8. Time will tell…


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