Spiritual Refuge

Why go to church? Surely one compelling reason is refuge…

Is there no refuge from strife?

Is there no place of refreshing where a man can prepare for the battle of life?

Is there no place where two or three can gather in Jesus’ name, to forget for the moment all those things that divide nation from nation and race from race, to forget human pride, to forget the passions of war, to forget the puzzling problems of industrial strife, and to unite in overflowing gratitude at the foot of the Cross?

If there be such a place, then that is the house of God and that the gate of heaven. And from under the threshold of that house will go forth a river that will revive the weary world.

From J. Gresham Machen’s Christianity and Liberalism (1923, and still in print), page 152.

1 thought on “Spiritual Refuge

  1. I am always fascinated when I often see a large single tree in a farmers field and wonder why that is . So this artists work caught my eye this morning as I was praying.Im still not sure why the single tree but this work is calling for peace,introspection and gratitude for the gift of presently being able to relax and appreciate this moment.


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