The end of Isaiah….

Yesterday, I preached our 79th and final sermon on the Old Testament book of ISAIAH, using the final 2 paragraphs as our text. ISAIAH is such a glorious book — this was a moving experience for me.

During the week I finished reading several of the commentaries I had been using for these past two years. Perhaps the finest of them all is Alex Motyer’s IVP commentary on ISAIAH. His closing words are indicative of the detail and passion of his work:

Isaiah by James Tissot (1836–1902)

Isaiah by James Tissot (1836–1902)

“There is a grandeur about ISAIAH not found elsewhere even in the most majestic of the rest of Scripture, a majesty full of glory and of solemnity, plain alike in the revelation vouchsafed to him and the language in which he was inspired to express it. But with the grandeur went a stern resoluteness, that if the glory does not win us to the life of obedience, if visions of the coming King, the sin-bearing Servant and the liberating Anointed Conqueror will not suffice, then maybe the unmistakably horrible rewards of disobedience [see 66:24] will drive our wayward hearts to tremble at the word of the Lord.”

Thank God for His Word.

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