How the Reformation was won…

I openned our Reformation Sunday sermon with this great quote from Iain H Murray (from a paper presented back in the 1960’s at the Westminster Puritan Conference)….

At the price of great suffering Protestantism won its way … not because of the superior numbers or learning of its adherents, but because through the Scriptures rivers of spiritual life had been opened up, so that instead of the teaching and traditions of a corrupt Church, men and women were hearing the words of the living God. 

1206351_romans…It is this conviction which explains why Christians endured so much at the beginning of the Reformation to translate and spread the Bible: they knew that here alone are the words of eternal life and that man can only live as he receives every word which proceeds out of the mouth of God. Scripture is the voice of God, and whether or not we are the subjects of God’s blessing or wrath may be experimentally determined by whether or not we reverence and obey what is written in Scripture. To be without Scripture is to be without God and without hope in the world.

Praise the Lord!

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