Australia against watching TV

In an article posted at the Banner of Truth website (originally in The Times ), comes news from the Australian Government that watching TV is detrimental to very young children (and, thus, to society).

Hmm. How long did it take them to figure this one out?!

The article is worth a look. Here is an excerpt….

Like every medium of communication, television has its uses. There are important educational programmes, in which visual images communicate what can be conveyed in no other way. There are TV classics, and forms of innocent entertainment ideally suited to the screen. A serious TV programme should be treated like a book, or a visit to the theatre — to be absorbed in a critical frame of mind.

1187553_old_polish_tvBut that is not how television is used. It is a constant flickering presence that competes for attention with all the necessary goings-on of everyday life. Over the years, as its impact has stalled, it has had recourse to ever more vulgar colours, ever grosser language and ever more mesmerising facial close-ups. When the telly is on, and in a third of Australian households, apparently, it is never off, conversation is impossible, and conversational skills cannot develop. Moreover, even the wisest and most affectionate remark will lose its flavour when heard against the clamorous vulgarities that issue from the screen.

So, let me ask you: what are your TV habits? What percentage of your free time is spent watching the tube? (or, for that matter, the mindless videos on YouTube)? Hours? Whole evenings?

Let us redeem the time, for the days are evil….

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