Off to Camp…

mainsign2It’s that week in July when, as an Assistant Scoutmaster, I travel with my Boy Scout troop to summer camp near beautiful Lake George at CAMP WAKPOMINEE. It’s year number 8 or 9 for me, and I love it! Not only do I get to spend time in the great outdoors, but with one (or more) of my sons too. This year is the first camp for Daniel, and the second for John. And, I enjoy building relationships with the scouts, sharing skills and knowledge of scouting — all while representing my Lord Jesus Christ in their midst!

Not to mention that walking the trails and hills, chopping fire wood, and all the rest are good physical exertions for this sedentary pastor!

So, no new posts until week’s end.

HEY, you might just want to take a look in the “archives” (see sidebar to the lower right) or search The Breadline using the categories or tags (also to the right). I think some of my earliest posts are some of my best writing…. What do you think?

Do pray for me at camp.

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