Manton: Get God’s help with God’s Word

Friend, you need God’s help to profit from God’s Word. Puritan Thomas Manton makes this point today in the excerpt below….
— pdb


If we would profit by the word of God, we must go to God, and desire the light and strength of His grace. If we would enjoy the blessed God, according to the direction of His word, we must not only consult with the word, but with God; nothing else can draw us off from the world, and persuade us to look after heavenly things; nothing else will teach us the vanity of the creature, the reality of spiritual privileges. Until we see these thinks in a divine light, the heart hangs off from God; …We shall still run after lying vanities until God doth open our eyes to see the mysteries of the word, and to be affected with the way. …Our hearts can never be drawn to God until He takes us into His own hands.”

— Sermon on Psalm 119:12 (I:102; emphasis added).

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