Manton on “desiring God” (long before John Piper)

Careful reading of the following quotation will yield much reward. Here, puritan Thomas Manton reminds us that God is content and happy in Himself, and the one who comes to know God (and love what He loves) will share in this great happiness. Manton, and all the puritans really, were “Christian hedonists” long before John Piper smartly coined the phrase. Manton also takes a poke at those who think (wrongly) that the way of holiness is an unhappy path (far from the truth!) — so if that’s you, read this twice and reconsider!
— pdb


“God loves Himself, and acts for Himself, and pursueth His own glory. Now when the word of God breaks in upon the heart, we pursue the same design with God. Men are prejudiced against a course of holiness; it seems to look upon them with a sour and austere face. Surely God loves a pleasant life; whoever is miserable, He hath a full contentment. Doth He that made all thinks want [lack] true joy and contentment? Who should have happiness if God hath not? Now when we learn God’s statutes, we come to be conformed to the nature of God; we love what He loves, and hate what He hates, and then we begin to live the life of God. The happiness of God lieth in loving Himself, enjoying Himself, and acting for His own glory; and this is the fruit of grace, to teach us to live as God lives, to do as God doth; to love Him and enjoy Him as our chiefest good; and to glorify Him as our utmost end.”
— Sermon on Psalm 119:12 (I:99; emphasis added).

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