Our daughter turns 18 & graduates…

If you wondered why I had not been posting in several days, the reason is: higher priorities (family)! P0139123Kathryn Anne is now 18 and a high school graduate! Laurel and I are so very proud of her, and so very thankful to God for her, and for these landmark moments in her life.

She has been blessed by her Lord, and Kathryn is a blessing to us all.

I am still reflecting on all my deep emotions, my thoughts and my prayers for her that I hardly know what to post here on The Breadline (but I hope that time will come). I can share this with you — I was asked to pray at her graduation ceremony (with 23 other home schoolers assembled for this very purpose). Here is, in essence, what I prayed…

Almighty God, our Father in heaven,

Surely “our cup runneth over” with joy and love for our graduates; our hearts & minds are amazed & satisfied with all You have done to bring us to this graduation day. We again praise You, and thank You!

I also pray, Lord, seeking Your future blessings upon each of these graduates and their families. Great changes are afoot in their lives and our lives. These are the days for which we have raised and educated them.

Lord, in these days of change and opportunity, continue to shepherd these young men & women. Watch over them as they go out from us, protect them as they live in far away places & learn new things, and guide them as they build new relationships.

May they often call out to You in prayer, and patiently await Your answer. May Your Word be a light to their feet, and a lamp to their path. May the Holy Spirit guard their hearts and sanctify their minds.

And as You bless us – graduates and families alike – may others see Your grace at work in us, and give glory to You, our Father in heaven.

This I pray in the name of Jesus Christ, our risen Lord,



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