BANNER: 7 Characteristics of Calvin’s ministry

Pastor Ian Hamilton (a Banner Trustee, and author, as a Scot serving a church in Cambridge, England), also spoke (twice) at the recent Banner of Truth Trust Minister’s Conference — once on Calvin as a Pastor, and then bringing the closing sermon of the conference from 2 Corinthians 4.

calvin painting_2In the first, Hamilton listed for us “7 Characteristics of Calvin’s Ministry” —

1/ It was carried out with a view of Christ as Chief Shepherd.

2/ Love to Christ is the animating principle of ministry; our motive.

3/ It reflects the servanthood of Christ.

4/ A conviction that preaching and teaching the gospel is the primary task of the pastor; in season, and out of season he preaches the Word. *NB: The preacher has two voices: one to feed the sheep, and one to frighten the wolves.

5/ Much use of pastoral visitation, house to house.

6/ He never wearied of telling believers to get out of themselves and in to Christ!

7/ A ministry shaped and impregnated with the overflow of his own union with Christ.

O Lord Jesus, help me, and my fellow pastors, in our frailty and feebleness to serve You and Your flock better. For your glory, Lord. Amen.

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