Unfashionable? I hope so…

9781601420855mI’ve just begun a new book (hot of the press) by on of the grandsons of Billy Graham, a young pastor named Tullian Tchividijian (pronounced cha-vih-jin). The book is titled UNFASHIONABLE, Making A Difference in the World By Being Different.

It appears to decry the all-too-common trend seen in most modern churches of chasing what is “fashionable” as defined by the world. It reminds us of the fundamental call of Jesus to follow Him, even when it means being ‘counter-cultural’ — or, as Tchividjian would say, unfashionable. Good stuff I’d say.

On one front page he quotes Spurgeon:

“The great guide of the world is fashion and its god is respectability — two phantoms at which brave men laugh! How many of you look around on society to know what to do? You watch the general current and then float upon it! You study the popular breeze and shift your sails to suit it. True men do not so! You ask, ‘Is it fashionable? If it isfashionable, it must be done.’ Fashion is the law of multitudes, but it is nothing more than the common consent of fools.”
CHS (no source cited)

I’ll try to post more in the next couple of weeks (using the tag ‘unfashionable’). You can see a sample pdf from the book here, or order it most anywhere (WTS has a great price at present).


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