Ligonier concluded

Yup, it ended — and it was so rich I could hardly do it justice in a simple blog entry! But I’ll try!

FRIDAY AM — The conference theme (holiness) was taken up in reference to the Trinity this morning: Sinclair Ferguson, Holiness of the Father; Steve Lawson, Holiness of Jesus; and Alistair Begg, The Holy Spirit.

FRIDAY PM — After lunch there was a spirited Q&A time led by RC Sproul himself, then a very well organized session by Thabiti Anyabwile on Sin & the Holiness of God, from Numbers 25. He outlined the chapter and his address as follows:

Horrible Context (vv 1-6)
Height of Conflict (vv 7-9)
Honorable Commendation (vv 10-13)
Harrowing Condemnation (14-18)

pastor-t-website1After he gets underway (some joking around) this is perhaps one of the best sessions to watch or hear (see below). He is full of numbered observations and pointed applications. [I will share most of this on Sunday night at CPCC.]

Friday night featured the renowned Dr. D. A. Carson speaking on “A Holy Nation.” He brought a great depth of exegesis and theology to bear — connecting OT and NT so wonderfully — and also pressed us with clear and challenging application questions.

SATURDAY — Some of the best was saved for the last day… as Dr Robert Godfrey and Dr. Derek Thomas spoke on Holiness and the Cross (from Isaiah), and, The Necessity of Sanctification (from 1st Peter 1) respectively.

“The moral imperatives of the Bible stand upon gospel indicatives.” (DT)

The closing address was from RC Sproul on Holiness, Wrath & Justice (from 1st Chronicles 13).

“Our culture is thoroughly familiar with the tune ‘Amazing Grace’ but it does not believe grace is ‘amazing’ anymore.” (RCS)

YOU CAN SEE & HEAR THESE GUYS TOO… The video for all of the sessions is currently available for free from the LIGONIER SITE (here). Rich, soul food!


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