“One leak may sink a ship” (Manton)

Puritan Pastor Thomas Manton wrote the following, while preaching on Psalm 119:6. It reminds us that if we allow even one sin to linger around our feet, we may be undone.

“Keep but your passion afoot, or your lust afoot, or your worldliness afoot, and it will carry you further [away]. One sin keepeth possession [of you] for Satan; allow but one lust and corruption in the heart, and that will undermine all,and become thine eternal ruin; as one leak may sink a ship. A bird, tied by the leg, many make some show of escape. You never totally renounced Satan’s government, and wholly gave up yourselves to God. By keeping a part, the whole falleth to his share.”

Resolved to battle sin in me more fiercely,

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