Day Three (Thurs. AM) at the Banner

There were four sessions on this final day of the conference. First was the second address by Rick Philips, this time from Hebrews 13:9-14 on “Outside the Camp.” This week was may first encounter with Rick, and it is quite positive. Although he was much like a large serving bowl overloaded with food — he kept “spilling” out with more content in messages that one might expect. I surely don’t mind such ample servings of good things! I am convinced that Rick knows Hebrews (and its OT context) very well, and I plan to seek out his commentary on it.


Earlier on Thursday morning, my friend Iain Murray asked me to stand in as chairman (MC) for the second session of the morning, gathering the men from the coffee break, leading the hymn, reading the Scripture and praying before the speak came forward. It caught me off guard (I was under-dressed at the moment), but was so pleased and honored to assist. It is a memorable thing to stand and lead nearly 300 dear brothers in worship!

In his second address at the conference Ian Hamilton spoke on the character of the pastor under the title ”The Servant Ministry” from Isaiah 42:1-4. Here the Lord Jesus Christ is portrayed as the ultimate servant of God. With true spiritual gravity we were exhorted to learn from our Lord, and (1) behold His dependance upon God, (2) His unyielding faithfulness to God, (3) His personal humility before God, and (4) His grace that magnifies the glory of God. Our Lord sets the bar for servant ministry so high, who is able to undertake it? Yet, this same Lord calls men, equips men, and helps men to do so. Help me, gracious Lord, serve You and others in Your name!


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