Banner of Truth Ministers Conference 2008

This Tuesday I travel to the campus of Messiah College, near Harrisburg, PA, for the annual BANNER OF TRUTH MINISTERS’ CONFERENCE. I have been attending every year since 1992, so this will be my 17th year gathering with these men. No other event has such a significant impact on my spiritual life and my ministry as this conference.

This year’s speakers include: Iain H. Murray, Richard D. Phillips, A.Craig Troxell, Ian Hamilton and David Campbell.

The theme is “The Preacher’s Task.” The schedule is attached here: BT Conf Schedule

Although this conference is only for pastors/elders and seminarians, I have received special permission to bring my oldest son, Andrew. I hope this will be a sweet time of father/son fellowship as well as a serious time of spiritual reflection and preparation for his departure for college (Syracuse University) in August. Please pray with us to these ends.

I do hope to post updates here during the weekend, and certainly at weeks’ end.

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