Inspiration of the Words of the Bible

As I listen to a lecture on the errors of Bart Ehrman’s book Misquoting Jesus, a helpful comment was made — and worth keeping in mind. One problem Ehrman raises is this: how can we know what God said in the inspired Word, if we do not have the original manuscripts of the Ot and NT?

The answer: Let us remember that divine inspiration of the words of Scripture is NOT limited to the ink of the words first written. The inspiration was of the words — the terms themselves — not simply the physical first edition. If we have a body of manuscript copies that faithfully contain the original words, (and we do!), we have the inspried Word of God.

Read, believe and obey.

1 thought on “Inspiration of the Words of the Bible

  1. Good word on the word. See where this can go if not corrected? We would have nothing today to trust in, if indeed only the “first edition” was holding the inspiration.

    And of course we would have not confidence at all in our translations, if indeed the manuscripts were not reliable.
    Thanks for this blog.

    Tom Coughliln


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