Earthquake in Louisville!

Well, okay, the center of this morning’s 5.2 earthquake was in Illinois, but I felt it in my hotel room in Louisville, KY, this morning!

I was up at 5:25 AM in order to catch my ride to the airport. I was in my room on the 14th floor of the Galt House (in downtown Louisville, KY), standing just outside the bathroom door at 5:35 AM (still eastern time there). There was a tremendous rumbling over my head, like ductwork being banged arond by guys with hammers. I was tired by looked up to try to localize the noise, when I had some trouble looking up and keeping my balance — either the room swayed, or I was still waking up (we’ll never know). The noise got louder, and I then thought the construction site outside my window was the source. The noise stopped after 12-15 seconds. Nothing unusual could be seen outside the window. So I hit the shower, then headed out.

I didn’t know it was an earthquake until I got to the front desk to check out.

Perhaps there is a spiritual application here? I’ll do some thinking and get back to you….
Pastor David

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