T4G Tuesday evening

Tuesday, Session #2 — Thabiti ANYABWILE (from Grand Cayman Islands)

This brother is a dynamic speaker, with such a fresh perspective on many things. I had heard him speak last year at the Desiring God Pastor’s Conference (from Ezekiel 8-9) which inspired me to preach a sermon on “Holiness–Lite” at CPCC.

This evening Thabiti spoke on this premise: There is no such thing as ‘race’ the Bible. There is only the one human race, with various ethnicities evident around the world. Key to this is understanding race as a BIOLOGICAL explanation for the differences noticed among groups of human beings. He spoke from several different Scriptures to explain how the concept of race is not only foreign to the Bible, but causes difficulties with various doctrines — including the gospel! If this strikes you as novel, I suggest you look online for the mp3 of the talk, or watch for its publication. My notes are pretty good too, and I’d be happy to review them in the near future.

I should also mention that for nearly every public address at the conference, there is a panel discussion afterwards with the 4 primary hosts (Dever, Mahaney, Mohler and Duncan) and the speaker from the recent session. They ‘chat’ publically and toss questions to each other, while 5,000 of us listen in. There are some great laughs and some sobering conclusions. These panel discussions are most interesting.

— Pastor David Bissett

2 thoughts on “T4G Tuesday evening

  1. What ever happened to the Gospel? The church seems to have gone in all the world and has lost its Commission. Will the Son of Man find Faith on the Earth when He returns? No He will find Gospel-Lite.(The Golden Calf)


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