Historical Illiteracy

February 12th should be a much celebrated day, filled with reflection on a few historical figures, and none so worthy as Abraham Lincoln.  Yes, February 12, 1809 was Lincoln’s birthday.  Most kids (and adults too?) don’t remember this because we’ve supersized the day to “Presidents Day” and moved it to a Monday — now both Lincoln and Washington [born onFebruary 22nd] are largely lost to us.  Two great presidents and men, with so much to teach us today, are largely forgotten (except for crazy advertisements).   Yet our historical illiteracy precludes learning from others connected with February 12th.

Also born the very same day as Lincoln was a man named Charles Darwin.  You know his legacy, and its awful impact upon western civilization — but where did he “go wrong” as they say?  We don’t care for history, so we don’t know.

On this date, Lady Jane Grey — the Queen of England for 9 days in July 1554 — was executed, largely for her faith in Christ as a Protestant.  Check her out; read her story.  Ponder what you would endure to remain faithful to the Lord. 

Finally, as a resident of Saratoga county in New York, I know the name Thaddeus Kosciusko  do you?  Do you drive over the “Twin Bridges” (over the Mohawk River)?  They are named for him, a Revolutionary War hero of Polish birth, who served our fledgling nation so well he was later made a general by congress.  He was born on February 12th.  This immigrant made a big difference in the battle of Saratoga, called the turning point of the Revolution.  Someone we should still know, I think.   

Friends, although I spend myself mostly in the battle to conquer biblical illiteracy, we should make some effort to learn and grow from the lives and lessons of history.

4 thoughts on “Historical Illiteracy

  1. Thanks Nie, for giving a more literal spelling of his name, but SORRY: I am sticking with my original dates of FEB 12th. Yes, one source online gives the 4th, and many give no date in February. You may wish to check further, including these sites:
    or, the Thaddeus Kosciuszko Chapter, Sons Of The American Revolution, in Warsaw, Indiana, USA; web site at–

    thanks for reading and commenting. dave bissett


  2. Pastor,

    Impeccable research!

    I have one question: with the 2 different spellings of the name, which one is the more frequently used? Likewise, the mustard I use has his picture on it, so I always assumed that the brand was named after him.

    Jay the Janitor


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