Gross sin & sordid gain in Florida ministry

Just this week the elders of CPCC reviewed the biblical qualifications for an elder, from three key NT passages (1st Timothy 3, Titus 1 and 1st Peter 5). The moral bar is set high for those who would lead God’s people. Remember to pray for your elders.And pray for the Lord to clean house of those who should NOT be in ministry. A recent Tampa Tribune online aritcle announced:

Randy and Paula White, the founders and co-pastors of what has been one of the nation’s biggest and fastest-growing churches, plan to divorce. Members of Without Walls International Church reacted with tears and a chorus of “Oh, no’s” after the Whites’ announcement at Thursday night’s service. Randy called Paula to the podium about an hour into the service. He was somber; Paula appeared choked up. “It’s the most difficult decision I’ve ever had to make in my entire life,” he told the congregation, describing Paula as an exceptional woman, mother and preacher. She pledged to return frequently to preach.

I am nearly at a loss for words. What a horrific and public sin on the part of this couple and also on the part their “church”! Where is church discipline to divest them from any form of ministry? What sort of Christian would sit under any ministry led by such people? May the Lord deal swiftly with all who bring such disrepute to the gospel!!

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