A happy anniversary!

Laurel at Lake Placid, NYThis past week my lovely wife, Laurel, and I celebrated our 23rd wedding anniversary (June 23rd) with a few days away in Lake Placid, NY (without the children). It was a wonderful time for us to slow down and focus on all the Lord’s blessings to us over the years, and our excitement for our future.We enjoyed much fine dinning, walking and shopping along the main street of the village, and the tremendous views of the Adirondack high peaks, which surround Lake Placid.  

1 thought on “A happy anniversary!

  1. Belated Congratulations! We were actually at the same place, I think by looking at the picture, in Lake Placid on May 8-9 for our church women’s retreat. I hope you had a nice anniversary.

    Lisa J


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