The thought of God…

As i fiinished off today’s sermon, here is a precious quote from one of the best pastoral/devotional writers alive, REV. MAURICE ROBERTS, from his first book of essays, The Thought of God, (published by the Banner of Truth).

“To have God in his mind and thoughht is the believer’s constant source of strength. The martyr laguishes in the flames but his mind flies upward to God his Savior and looks forward blissfully to the glory that awaits him as his body sinks to ashes. The imprisoned Christian forgets the harsh regime of the camp, the daily grind and grueling labor, as his mind soars upward on the wings of hope to remember God. The weary missionary, struggling with unfamiliar syllables and convoluted grammar in his appointed sphere of service sees beyond the frustrations of the hour as he remembers God, his ‘exceeding great reward’ [Gen.15:1]. ….the thought of God enlivens all action.

The thought of God should be the Christian’s panacea. It should cure all his ills at a stroke. …Nothing can approach in beauty the idea of the true and living God. That there exists a Being who is infinite in power, knowledge and goodness, that that Being cares for me with a perfect love as though I were the only man in existence, that He loved me before I was born and created me to enjoy Him eternally and that He sent His Son to suffer the agony of the cross to secure my eternal happiness — that, surely, must be a thought to end all sorrow. It ought to be and it often is.”
— pp. 4-5
Thought of God book cover

God bless you this Lord’s Day,
Pastor David

3 thoughts on “The thought of God…

  1. Steve, Thanks for the comment! Yes, (DV) I am planning to be at the conference again this year — it should be #15 or 16 for me (since 1991 or 92). I think the lineup will be excellent, and the fellowship is always a blessing. Thanks to you, and Rob for leadership with the conference. david


  2. Excellent! I will see you at the registration table, then, sometime on Tuesday. I am really looking forward to it and actually hope, myself, to get into some of the sessions this year. We have all of the books packed and ready to transport, via UHaul, to the college for the bookstore. And this year, as I may have already mentioned, I’m staying on campus with about five guys in one of those suites. It should be a great time, with good conversation. Derek Thomas has already requested a late night run to Bruster’s for ice cream and Sinclair Ferguson has agreed to do his “walk through the bookstore” tour, lowering prices, on Tuesday night. Anyway, I’m glad you’ll be back for another one, Dave. If there’s anything I can do in advance or during the conference, please, just let me know. You can always email me at Thanks, much. See you on Tuesday!


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