Day Three — driving & downturn

Day Three (Wednesday). We left Maryland, armed with excellent driving directions, circumvented DC, and headed south on I-95. It was all too easy, I thought, but we gave thanks and drove on. The weather was fine, and the 7 kids were all “occupied.” It would be well over 400 miles before we stopped for the night.

That’s where the “downturn” comes in. We had reached Florence, SC, for our layover. First we managed to turn away from a fine, new hotel, and ended up at one which was, (how should I say this) cheaper. The accommodations were well below average, as was the neighborhood (and clientele). The word cheap comes to mind once too often! But we saved enough $$ on our two rooms to have a fancier dinner than normal.

But two of us, Dad and Kathryn, who ordered acertain burger, got food poisoning at that nice restaurant. It stole our sleep and, well, you know what else accompanies food poisoning! (and, yes, there would be consequences for the next day; stay tuned).

But, even with this downturn, the Lord had given me much to think about. Earlier that day, while driving, we listened to John Piper’s biographical sketch of Charles H. Spurgeon. One of the things Spurgeon said was that afflictions/adversities were a tremendous spiritual blessing to him in his life. He valued them dearly — not for the pain and difficulties they brought, but for the spiritual good they created, as he sought the Lord and found Him sufficient every time.

When you are sick, you have time to think. Thank you, LORD, for guiding my thoughts towards You. Amen.

1 thought on “Day Three — driving & downturn

  1. Pastor,

    What an encouragement Piper’s message on Spurgeon has been. Althoguh I’m not a “preacher”, much of the truths discussed applied to all of us.

    Thank you for sharing that link. I have already passed in on to a Christian “teacher” I know who suffers much, but presses on as he continues to teach and influences children and youth in our local Christian school.

    Continuing to pray that your “rest” is fruitful,



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