Two choices on the 23rd…

Tomrrow (Friday, February 23) two movies will come to town, having picked this release date for a reason.

The first movie (not recommended) is simply titled “23” starring Jim Carrey. It appears to be a dark, murder-filled movie.  The word is that it centers on superstitious mumbo-jumbo regarding the number 23 and the number 666, and, that Jim Carrey’s character becomes a psychopathic killer by reading a demonic novel.

The second (recommded) is “Amazing Grace” the biography of William Wilberforce, who fought for the end of the slave trade in the British Empire — which ended 200 years ago, on February 23rd. Also featured in the film is John Newton, a former slave-trader and author of the famous hymn, Amazing Grace. If you know knothing of Wilberforce, you are not alone — but you must see this film.

I also commend to you a very short book on the life of Wilberforce, by contemporary author, John Piper. (Use the Desiring God link, or the Cumberland Valley Books link in the sidebar, to find it).

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