Dreams of the Future

Do dreams reveal the future?

I would say a blanket “NO” but I’ve been reading my Bible, and see that God occasionally made the future known to select individuals by means of their dreams. (But, this primarily happened prior to the completion of the Bible, which is God’s completed — and sufficient — revelation for His people.)

In two dreams given to the Pharaoh of Egypt (Genesis 41) the future was made known to him, after young Joseph interpreted the dreams. The message of the dreams was one and the same: 7 years of famine would follow 7 years of bounty.

Why do we desire to know the future? To prepare for it, and to profit from it I suspect. Pharaoh did just that, appointing Joseph to organize the food supply for the country — which allowed them all to survive the years of famine. If you and I knew something specific about our future, we’d be better able to act and take control. But we know little of our future, really. We know the generalities (grow old and die stuff), but nothing too specific.

Yet we can know the One who holds the future. We can put our trust in the Lord our God, and commit all our ways unto Him. That’s what Joseph did, as told in the book of Genesis. He did not know the future, but was faithful in the present — even through much difficulty. And in the end, Joseph could credit God with orchestrating all things for a greater good.

I think we should let dreams end with the night, and walk by faith each day.
Pastor David Bissett

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