In need of your prayers

Dear friends,

still dreamingI have had a growing conviction to resume writing posts here on The Breadline, and ask that you pray with me about this. The aim of this blog is to disseminate the truth of God’s Word to the souls of men and women in clear and simple servings (Matthew 4:4). Also, when I write, my own thoughts are clarified. And I have been flooded with many thoughts that I long to share with others, to draw people closer to the Lord, and to build them up in the truth of His Word. Thanks for praying for me and this effort.

Yours by divine mercy,



A Sad Departure

Coffee Rings


181 pages, copyright 2001

In an age where things are not built to last; fixing something cost more money that buying a new one, and the average lifespan of newlyweds is three years, it seems more difficult to remain faithful. How difficult would it be to leave a local church? For many that would not be hard at all. And what about a denomination? That would probably be easier for many Americans. When ‘church’ is so easy to obtain with mega churches, online streaming and cell groups by Skype, remaining faithful to a denomination seems archaic at best. So it was a tough job for someone to write a book about how difficult it would be to leave a denomination and not vilify other Christians, but David J. Randall found a way. How could someone with a different background understand this? I was not raised in a denomination, I am…

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