Hosting a ne’er-do-well?

Author Jim Elliff recently shared an article entitled, Public Debate with Bart Ehrman in Seminaries: A Bad Decision. I agree. I also think his reasons can help us avoid unprofitable engagements with other ne’er-do-wells….

Here are Elliff’s main points. (Read the rest here)

First, because Ehrman is a false teacher and we are forbidden to give such men a forum to express their views.

Second, because the minority position almost always gains some followers regardless who wins the debate.

Third, because debates are not always won on the basis of truth alone.

Fourth, because many of the listeners will not have the opportunity to sort out confusing aspects of the debate with professors or knowledgeable persons.

Fifth, because doubt is insidious.

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Brit Hume offers Tiger Woods hope… in Christ

While the mainstream media spotlights Tiger Woods’ affairs and troubles, and while others “throw stones” here is Fox News commentator, and professing Christian, BRIT HUME discussing his advice to Tiger: flee to Christ for forgiveness. The video clip is HERE at YouTube.


(Thanks to follow blogger Russ Gaippe for pointing me to this).