Day Two — rest & joy

Day two of our family vacation was spent in Maryland, at the home of our good friends, Kim and Dwight. I’ve entitled this day “peace and joy” — we had much rest in the body (lots of rest, a big breakfast, etc), and also much joy.

The heart of the joy was sharing a time of worship and Bible discussion in the evening, as our host family had 40+ people from their local church over for a fellowship event. It included a neat little musical ensemble (2 acoustic guitars, and an african bongo-type drum). We sang three sweet praise songs from the music ministry of Covenant Life Church. I commend them to you!

Day two of our vacation brought much spiritual profit for our whole family. As it wound down, sitting in the kitchen with our good friends, we all laughed and sharted the joy of the day.

LORD, thank You for precious days like this one. Amen.

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