Day Four – pressing on

On Thursday morning I was still sick in the hotel room, but my four sons were super –letting dad try to sleep. At the time we did not know that Kathryn was sick over in the girls room, but we soon figured everythingout. The ‘cheap’ motel had a continental breakfast (toast), so we just hit the road — taking along a plastic ice bucket in case of vomiting.

Mom volunteered to drive while dad moaned in the front seat. Andrew had driven through almost all of North Carollina and did nicely! The drive today was long, but every mile brought us closer to “Grandmother’s house.” The increasing number of palm trees was most incouraging too. I (dad) felt well enough to drive through the city of Jacksonville — which went smoothly, in part due to my puns and other humorous creations.

Palm Coast came up sooner than expected. A wonderful and warm welcome awaited us! The house looked beautiful and the kids could hardly wait to jump into Grandmothers pool. Dad took a nap which lasted all night, while the rest of the family enjoyed dinner and settling in. I slept for 18 hours, and awoke Friday feeling much, much better. PTL.

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