On the road – Day One

I’m writing from from the kitchen of old friends, Dwight & Kim C., here in Maryland. it was an easy, straight-forward drive from home as we begin a couple weeks vacation. All seven kids keep well occupied, with dad at the wheel of our 15 passenger Ford van! Smooth sailing with the help of some Google maps and personalized directions from Dwight.


It was neat to see the NYC skyline (and the Statue of Liberty — at a distance) and the City of Baltimore. But the most rewarding thing, of course, was the reunionn of dear old friends — and friends who cherish and serve the Lord Jesus Christ.

Thanks Lord for a good day.

1 thought on “On the road – Day One

  1. David,

    Thanks again for stopping in MD to visit on your way south. What a privilege it was to have you and your family stay at out home. If you’re reading this tonight then that means you found a hotel with WIFI!

    We really enjoyed the fellowship with you, Laurel and the kids. And the worship and teaching at the youth meeting was neat too!

    We’ll be praying for the rest of your trip and a wonderful and restful time for you in Florida.

    God’s grace,



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