The Secret — is outed!

There is a fine book review by Don Whitney, on the recent bestseller, The Secret (by author Rhonda Byrne). The book was plugged on Oprah as the key to her success, providing answers to all of life’s questions. It has been outselling the Harry Potter book, and is being read left and right.

In his book review, Don’s summary of The Secret includes the following:

The essence of The Secret is “the law of attraction.” According to Byrne and the twenty-nine co-contributors whom she quotes extensively, everything in the Universe (which is always capitalized and usually synonymous for “God”) vibrates on a particular frequency. When you think in harmony with the frequency of something, you attract it to you. If you think about wealth, you will receive wealth. If you think instead about your debt, you will receive more debt. You attract what you think about; your thoughts determine your destiny.

What are we to make of such nonsense? Where do you begin? I commend the book review to you, as well as the other articles and books by Don Whitney. I plan to share it with my congregation this weekend.

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